• I am so grateful to have heard this info starting as a teenager. I truly feel that it helped me make smart dating decisions along the way. It helped me make a wise choice in the man I'm going to marry. Without this info, God knows where I'd be or who I'd be with! I don't even want to know. THANK YOU for putting this on each year! It was life-changing for my friends, too!

    Leslie Matranga

  • EVM gave me new insight into viewing men's behavior within the framework of how they are hard-wired. As a wife and mother of sons, it was helpful to discover ways that i was inadvertently "emasculating" the men in my life and learn more effective communication strategies to get the results i'm looking for. Daniele's transparent style and effervescent personality make the information fun and engaging,​ and her passion for healthy relationships is palpable.

    ​Hope Ettore

  • I left EVM feeling great about myself and filled with life-changing information that will enhance my relationship with not only my spouse, but others as well. I have been equipped with the tools necessary to transform my relationship with my husband--taking us from a great relationship to the best relationship!

    ​Danielle Blend

  • ​This was well worth my time and money. It speaks volumes to me to hear this information from another woman and the panel of men was amazing!"


  • ​A man's brain is wired so differently than a woman's. Come, listen, learn. Its empowering abd brings out the truth i didn't know about. Loved this!


  • This is my third time attending EVM and my husband loves that i come because it has helped our relationship in so many ways. This knowledge is both eye-opening and empowering. I feel better equipped to understand and communicate with my husband.


  • Ever since i learned how to listen to a man without interrupting, my boss always and only shares his memories with me.


  • EVM provided me with knowledge, tools, and hope to further my growth and enlightenment for a true and fulfilling life.


  • Daniele is real and speaks from her heart about her knowledge of men. It was a fresh and clarifying time to learn about how different men and women are. I'm falling in love with men all over again.


  • I came to learn about the men in my life and i learned about myself.


  • This is my second time at EVM. This first time, I had just come out of a difficult relationship. This seminar helped me realize many things i could have done differently. I am now in a new relationship that has been amazing. I think its because I'm using what i've learned in this seminar.


  • This is the most enlightening seminar I've ever been to. I've been four times and will keep coming as long as I'm in relationship with men; i'm married so that will be forever!


  • I've come to this seminar twice now and i still can't get enough. I already know I will be back again next year.